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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  July 24, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news sunday morning. >> i am jennifer franciotti. >> top stories in a moment, but first a look outside, if we must. >> is getting brutal out there. >> when will it improve it? >> next week.
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>> this has lasted longer than expected. >> this heat has taken a long time to let go. 102 degrees yesterday at the airport bridge tied the record from 1991. the inner harbor reached 103 degrees. much of the same today throughout the day, maybe not toward 100 degrees, but heading towards their. 90 at the airport and 93 of the inner harbor, not far away from the upper 90's we are forecasting. temperatures will break heading into tomorrow and we will talk about that coming up in the seven-day forecast. and >> one family is pleading for your help to find a seven- month old baby boy. >> he was in the care of eight teenaged sitter when they'd both disappeared. >> i am hurt. that is my son. >> when we need left her son in
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notfather's care she did expect him to disappear. >> he left my son in the house with some female and they disappeared. he just called the police this morning. >> 16-year-old jonae boozer was taking care of ki'yauhn birch. >> he is 7 months old. i do not know if he is out here, if he has eaten. we do not know what is going on. >> city police have canceled -- canvassed the area where there were last seen a have not found clues to their whereabouts. parents knowzer's of her whereabouts. >> we just want to allied fears of the parents and have them come back with the child. >> loved ones pray for ki'ya uhn's sabre term.
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>> we want him home safely. that is what we need. we want him back. we love him. >> just pray for my son and that he is ok. price that no harm has come to him. he is only seven months old. >> sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> jonae boozer has a blond last seen is 5'4", wearing a purple leopard print top. >> one man is dead after a single car crash. 24 type enderle -- this 24-year- old man was dead on the scene. in southwest baltimore, family and friends bid a fond farewell. funeral services were held yesterday morning.
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he was killed when a stolen car crashed into his van. he spent more than three decades teaching music in the baltimore city public school system. >> there is a heat wave outside, and maybe even harder on capitol hill as congressional leaders tried to reach a bipartisan accord. brian mooar has the latest. >> 100 degrees outside, but inside the white house, president obama and congressional leaders were feeling the heat. they met for about one hour on saturday trying to raise the nation's debt ceiling. the deadline is 10 days away. each side seems confident of their resolution. >> we need an approach that asks ever want to do their part. >> the talks between president obama and house speaker john boehner and load on friday. >> i have been left at the altar now a couple of times. i think that one of the
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questions that the republican party is going have to ask themselves is can they say yes to anything? >> the white house move the goalposts. there was an agreement on additional revenues. until yesterday when the president demanded $400 billion more. >> president obama still wants a grand slam but will sign off on a deal that will raise the debt ceiling until 2013. house speaker john baker says he will not sign off on any band does not pay for the debt ceiling increase. brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. >> house speaker john boehner has said he hopes to have a viable framework for raising the debt ceiling by this afternoon before the stock markets opened in asia. >> same-sex couples in york welcomed today by tying the knot. hundreds of more weddings are expected to take place throughout the day and opponents
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are planning protests. clerks, judges, and other officials are opening their doors on sunday to cater to the couple's. in maryland, the debate over same-sex legislation rages on as legislators prepare for 2012. garnet -- gov. martin o'malley says he will sign a bill to provide them with the same legal rights. he said he hopes to learn from recent legislation that has passed in new york and the religious protections offered in the new law. >> we still have a lot of work to do. on this is the way to get it done. the success in new york in accomplishing the marital quality bill was something encouraging, i think, to everyone here. >> 35 clergy and churches have signed a letter expressing disappointment over the governor's plan to make same-
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sex marriage a legislative priority. for more reaction, visit our web site >> the time is 9:00 and seven and it is already hot and humid. one major retailer is in talks to open a new store in the baltimore business journal has the scoop. >> it is uncomfortably hot, but we may soon get a break from the triple digits. is that right? >> the break is just around the corner, but for today dealing with the heat with shores are popping up in the western portions of the state.
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>> we will be feeling the heat again today, maybe not the triple digit scorcher that made life miserable. >> yesterday's triple digit heat index did not keep people from being outside. debra wiener has more. >> it was a die-hard
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concertgoer who would not let whether from appreciating bso under the stars. john williams was a draw, but coping skills were required. >> i came up with wet hair out of the shower. >> we had a water balloon fight. >> maryland is in good company. records broke on friday in new york with 104 degrees and 108 degrees in newark, new jersey. >> i do not come outside much, but i had to. >> in the nation's capital, the heat index topped 112 degrees which has not happened in more than one decade. >> this is too much. it is too hot. what are you going to do? >> more than 132 million people are under a heat alert. these firefighters use wet
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towels to try and stay cool. >> these are designed to protect us from burns, but they do not allow body heat to dissipate. >> more than two dozen heat- related deaths have been reported. debra wiener, wbal-tv 11 news. >> your insta-weather + forecast. >> unfortunately, we're still talking about the high heat today. 90 at bwi marshall. the inner harbor and 93 and humidity 59%, very high considering how warm it is. it will only heat up as we get the worst of the daytime heat. some showers are popping up on the hd doppler. showers are moving into the western area of the state which will pass mostly to the south of the. there is a potential for scattered scout -- chars and storms to pop up at any time, but especially this afternoon.
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as we take a wider look at the radar, the general trend is here is the first batch heading into the western portions of the state earlier today and plenty more on the way as an actual front makes its way through the great lakes. the cold front will be here by tomorrow night. behind that, we will finally take relief, but it will take tomorrow night and tuesday until temperatures feel better. right now, this heat is still in place and it is very stubborn. it will not move anywhere anytime soon as we still approach temperatures well above normal in the mid-upper 90's. that is the forecast today. i know you were looking for a break, but not yet begun 96 in central maryland. much more comfortable in the mountains and some areas could still hit 90 degrees. further west in this state, it is in the 80's today. oceans and become a chance for scattered storms today as well as into tomorrow.
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temperatures will drop down especially into tuesday and and not only will the temperatures come down, but so will the dew point. the humidity will drop behind the cool front, which is the big deal. once it becomes more pride in the atmosphere, tuesday and wednesday, it will feel so much better. that is what we are looking forward to in the forecast. we just need to get through today and tomorrow. thunderstorms today will bring some relief, but that is the good news. >> we will take any good news you have. terry owens joins us to talk about the red line program and preparation still ahead in "q&a." >> several area barton restaurants are hoping to cash in. "the baltimore business journal" has the details next. >> here is a look at events going on around town.
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>> welcome back. it is 9:17 and time for the sunday business report from "the baltimore business journal." we have so much to talk about. the grand prix is coming up and businesses are trying to get in to cash in. barton restaurants want to make this happen. >> 100,000 people are going to come down for that weekend. businesses are wondering how they can cash in on that. some will add a cover charge to
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their events and more restaurants will have to go restaurants. some are taking calls from sponsors wanting to rent their facility for a lump-sum. they say they expect to see 60% more revenue so they are weighing those options. the closer we get, the closer they think more money can be made. >> and some will change their menus to reflect the race. >> it is all tied in, everything we can decide they are a part of the community and the effort to have this event here. they are doing everything they can to save, on in and spend your water with us. >> the tidewater is for sale? >> the speculation is if it sails that sea crest resorts are
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one of the people looking to buy. has been mentioned before that they want to expand. that would be a boon to that area because we have seen that wal-mart founder and that sam's is already out of business. >> i have been to that wal- mart, but they could be coming to the baltimore area. solar power is really big right now in maryland. >> and has seen a jump. through june, a tax credit applications are exceeding but what they did last year in total. as the price comes down and people see it is not a huge up- front cost, they are saying ok. it is not as cheap back traditional energy, but some companies are offering to lease the equipment to you. as more people get educated and
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see that there's not as much of an up-front cost, they are willing. >> one big store may be coming to harford county? >> county officials have spoken to j.c. penney which would be a boon to kind of complement the big anchor already there. with all these military people coming in, they will need a place to shop. the county wants them to shop in their counties of the tax base can grow. that would be great. >> j.c. penney write off of interstate 95. thank you for joining us. stay with us. coming up next, your sunday gardener. >> we are in a nice shady spot today. it is a beautiful day, very comfortable. the shade it does have some problems in the garden. >> be can assure you great plans for the shade in your garden that will come back any year. >> we
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>> good morning and welcome to "your sunday gardiner." i am john collins. your job is to solve problems. we are standing in a big one today. the problem is shade. we have talked about this before. a lot of yards in established homes where trees have gotten big, what was once a sunny yard was great years ago but it has totally changed. >> a lot of the landscaping was
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probably done 30 or 40 years ago, so it is time to rejuvenated. it took some larger but spruce and it thought they should go a little lower. this is primarily a perennial garden. >> this cherry tree has grown in time without the vigorous on my. gardens can changeover time. >> absolutely. >> and you have to acclimate. >> what is in this garden now are plantings that worked reasonably well in shade. some plants handle it very well. >> i like the shade which will keep me out in this garden a little more. >> my favorite plants in the whole thing is this little guy right here. i love this plant. i did not know it was shade tolerant. >> it can do fine in various places.
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>> these are great. i have these. >> these are wonderful and there are so many different leafy areas that it almost looks like all leaves. you can get them in these mahogany colors or a green, yellow, red, they are really wonderful. >> i have quite a bit in my yard, a lot more than i purchased. however they spread, it must be seeds, so you will wind up with quite a fueew. it saves money because over at a time, you will have much more. >> this evergreen plant here, this is hellebore. this will really give you caller in february and march, so when i saw early bloomer. >> how big do they get? >> they will end up getting about two feet tall and well
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spread out nice like bush and they are evergreens. >> you called this a river? >> in the wintertime, we will actually have some color here. there are various things that can bloom in april. >> they tolerate the shade fairly well. they do not like a lot of hot. >> this looks pretty good and it will do fine. some of these plants are very resistant and some are not. >> the azaleas are a target. so you do have to use a repellent or something to hold that activity down? >> but there's a lot of pruning for hydrangeas and everything. >> this is another plant that will spread in time. >> this is a ghost firm. there are so many different shades of green.
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there are probably 1000 varieties, so it is nice to see this year. i do not know if you can see this little guy right here. >> that is cute. how big will that get? >> it will stay that short. as you said, what is nice, is that it grows out, i can give some to friends. >> it is wonderful. this is a nice wide open garden and will begin to fill in over the years as these guys get a little bigger. if we can control the deer, we will be in great shape. how much time do we have? not much. next time, we will talk about dry weather because this summer has been an interesting one. >> as the last couple have seemed to be. >> thank you for joining us. next sunday, we will talk about your garden. see you then. >> if you have a garden question, send us your questions --
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you can also go to our website, >> the time is 9:27 and 91 degrees already. we are just minutes away from are set down with terry on ends -- owens. the latest celebrity looks down to make a statement at a bargain price. >> schirmers are showing up in the western part of the state. we will talk about that and when this heat will finally break.
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>> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news sunday morning. >> thank you for joining us. we will take another look downside with the heat sticking around. >> i am not sure if you want to take a look outside. it is unbelievably hot and only 9:30 a.m. just think how hot it will get. 88 indianapolis, 87. factor in the humidity, and we talk about the heat index. already, it feels like 106 degrees up the harbor, 99 at the airport. that combination is what will make things dangerous. we do have a heat advisory for frederick county eastbound down the shore. we will still be in the upper
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90's and it could feel as hot as 105 degrees. we will talk more about the heat in the next forecast. >> it is time now for "sunday morning q&a." joining us is terry allen's from -- owens from mta. the grand prix is right around the corner, a little over a month. we know that roads are getting prepared, but how are you? >> we have been hard at work with our service development and other offices trying to make sure that we help the city have a successful event while at the same time doing what we can to minimize the impact that we know it will have on our service. our message to people out there is to definitely plan ahead. >> there are so many bus routes that go into town and the real will be affected. what types of plans are in any of that?
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>> we're looking at two dozen of the commuter bus routes being effected. as you said, the light rail will be impacted, so we will begin putting diversions in place august 29th that will affect local bus routes. we will have a shuttle bus to help people bridge the gap where service will have to stop because of the connection. again, we will be sending people to the website and we will have up maps and brochures on the system providing people as much information as early as we can so they know how to get around. >> and it will really effect only two work days. what are the exact dates? >> the grand prix is september 2nd thru september 4th. that wednesday before the race is when downtown will technically be shut down to allow the final pieces of the race track to be put down. >> and that coincides with the maryland state fair. how will that have an impact?
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>> not only the maryland state fair but kids going back to school. for the state fair people, especially those who would catch the real from cromwell-bwi, we advise those people to definitely plan ahead and give yourself time because the light rail service is actually going to stop at the hamburger street stop and you will have to take a shuttle bus over the baltimore street. and part of the track covers the light rail crossings, so we have to work around that. >> and start making arrangements now in need to be in this city and maybe not going to the grand prix, but if you will be here, plan ahead. >> there are people who live and work downtown, some of the mobility people who rely and us to get a doctor's appointments and things like that, plan ahead. >> a good deal. let's talk about the status of the red line project. that is exciting.
9:34 am
>> begun work from the federal transit the administration that we're going into the next major step for that project. we have cleared a major hurdle. >> and where will this ron? >> from what lawn on the west over to johns hopkins bayview on the east. it 40-mile track -- 14-mile track and will be a big step forward. >> that will make a major difference for a lot of people. changing times requires a change in approach. what is the mta doing about terrorism? >> we were tapped to help spearhead a drive to really encourage the public to help us be our eyes and ears. the police alone cannot do everything to stop terrorism. i had a great example this weekend. i was out by the hardware store and i picked up some cleaning products and threw them in the backseat.
9:35 am
one hour into my drive, i smelled something, but it did not stop to see what it was. and now i have this product spill bolivar my back seat. the messages if you see something, say something. we will have a message is not only at transit stations here in maryland but in virginia, washington, d.c., on the radio, all urging people that if you see something, say something. >> be aware of your surroundings. >> it can be the littlest thing. do not ignore an unattended bag. >> good advice. again the website is? >> >> next week we will have the maryland of lieutenant governor, anthony brown. a of a question, you can e-mail them in to do not go away. we will be back with more news
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in a moment. here is nbc's david gregory. >> coming up, no deal. debt talks about the breakdown in washington, yet they are scrambling to come up with a deal as early as today. the big deadline -- august 2nd. that is the deadline for raising the debt ceiling without a default. we will get the latest from the president's chief of staff, bill daley. tom coburn of oklahoma, from the gang of six, and special round- table discussion. table discussion. is hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> your insta-weather + forecast with ava marie. >> 90 degrees at bwi marshall.
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the harbor at 93. the humidity is 59%, a very steep forecast in stohr today. there is some hope on the way in the extended forecast as a cold front starts to make its way across the great lakes. this will bring our temperatures down. ahead of that, some shower activity mainly in the western mountains. you can see these mountains are getting some light showers. the bulk is down in virginia. there is a chance anyone could see a scattered showers and to run the day. zooming out, we take a look at what is going on elsewhere. here is the first wave down in virginia. there's more of this on the way along the actual cold front. some heavier showers and stronger storms moving toward chicago. eventually, this will all change
9:40 am
this weather pattern and we are dying for that to change. today, high heat, high humidity, and this cold front will swing across the eastern half of the nation and bring the humidity down into next week. the combination of that committee temperatures, and the dew point droppin will make things more comfortable. the high heat could be dangerous at times as we expect temperatures in the mid 90's and scattered storms are possible. but they could be more numerous in the western mountains and could bring some heavy downpours. if you do get rain, it may feel a little cooler out. that could change things just for a short period of time. thunderstorms in the forecast for ocean city into tomorrow and temperatures will finally be coming back down. we are really looking forward to tuesday -- 86 with a load timidity. looks like a great day to be out at the beach.
9:41 am
temperatures will be back to normal tomorrow except it will be very humid and it will not be as great as it could. tuesday looks great. sunshine in place midweek and temperatures and humidity will go right back up the end of next week >> celebrity magazines are chock full of stars supporting the latest fashions, but you do not have a celebrity budget, do not worry. our style expert is here to help us how to access arise. >> i have some great things for you. >> purses are always big. >> this is a berkin look for less. ripa.s a phot oo of kelly this is a very sought after bag, $12,000 and a two year waiting list. ours are $58. >> way better. >> black, red, white, and this
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mod one. >> what i like is there are a lot of pockets for you to put things in. $58 vs $12,000. >> and that the -- nexxt up is catherine zeta-jones golfing with a cartier watch. this looks exactly like it, called empress, and it's $25. they are made to be worn i loosely. big face, lots of bling. >> these are pretty cool. i look like j.lo. j. fro! >> these valentino glasses are
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really exact. >> very stylish. me at the grocery store, grand prix, preakness. >> those are handmade with swarovski crystals. this is very hip this summer, coachella took this to another level. these are john lenneon style and they are $19. >> these come in all different colors, too. here is a fun bag. >> another coachella style. very easy to wear, very ergonomic. a fun summer bag. it's very hippie and chic.
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>> little pockets in the front. how much? >> $28. >> how much for the stars? big time dollars? and you are offering a sale? ode baltv20?or wbal -- baltv20. it's on the website. >> really cool. news you can use. excessive rise in a great way. up next, sunday brunch with the brush aschetta. last night's winning lottery
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numbers --
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>> welcome back. our favorite time of the morning. joining last from embassy hotel in d.c., welcome. you were making spring rolls earlier and now are making in? >> bruschetta with the great local tomatoes. very fresh.
9:48 am
tomato, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes, and basil. we want to put a few labels of tomato in there. -- ladles of tomato. >> any tomato? >> i like heirloom. >> how much garlic? >> a nice big dose. chop some basil. it adds a lot of flavor. >> so do the sun dried tomato. >> one more scoop of tomatoes from the bowl. excuse my fingers. >> i'm so offended. >> i'm adding a little virgin olive oil. >> pretty easy prep and good for
9:49 am
cooking in the heat because who wants to sweat? >> easy to make at home, very easy. a lot of flavor. what i have here is a baguette or ciabatta bread. backe those a bit. add a little mixture in. >> very light and flavorful. tell us about your restaurant. >> we have been open since 1961 from the inauguration of john f. kennedy. we have had the kennedys, the reagans, the clintons, is quite a mixture of guests. it is definitely worth a trip. >> we want to remind people if
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you want a copy of today's recipe, log onto our web site,, and click on "food." send us a self-addressed stamepd ped envelope in, also. what else do you do? >> we buy from local farms and do sophisticated but rustic. it seems to be a hit. it's fun. >> tell us more about this recipe. it is very straightforward. it does not have to go in the oven. you just serve it like this. >> a lot of these dishes involve no cooking. i have two children. they love to prepare food with me. it is very simple, very easy for kids to do. >> we will take a short break
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and we'll be back with more news in a moment including another look at the forecast. >> i am pete gilbert. an nfl locked up. you may want to hear. an nfl locked up. you may want to hear.
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[ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah!
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♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. >> 11 support to the gilbert. >> on thursday, we were in the thick of the record heat wave coming through. to make things harder come nfl owners celebrated a victory in the lockout. the players disagreed saying there was no agreement and they, frankly, got quite angry. they reveal things that are all but gone, maybe by tomorrow or tuesday things may be all over. they are coming to the and by pretty much everyone reporting
9:54 am
about it saying this thing is done. ravens-steelers highlights like this could be coming when they open the season on a september 11th. the antitrust suit to waive demand for special compensation. a few small issues remaining to be worked out, it should be done by monday. training camp will start on friday, so just a few days left. the orioles trying to even out with the angels. they did not get off to a spectacular start. first inning, 0-2 pitch. hit a grand slam in the 9th. adam jones with the lead, a mighty swing. 17th homer of the season. top of the 5, a shot to reynolds at 3rd.
9:55 am
he was put in as a d.h. markakis coming through. andino scores, ties the game at 2 all. 2 orioles., 30- bare hand, grip, throws it out. for a guy with 20 errors, that's nice. they will go for the series victory later today at camden yards. that is it for sports. >> taking another look downside. it is still hot. we will be in the mid to upper will start tot it break down tomorrow when we will be back into the low 90's. today and tomorrow a chance of thunderstorms, but we may look
9:56 am
forward to those. >> one last look at these beautiful bruschettas. i will try to eat and talk. anyone else want a taste? >> he does a lot of prep involving the secret service and videos food prep so they know it's safe to eat. >> good stuff. thank you so much for joining s. >> "meet the press" is next. thank you for joining us. >> follow breaking news and weather many timeout stay connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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>> this is a wbal's-tv 11 editorial. >> this fire brought baltimore to a screeching halt, but the safety lessons learned are still in practice today. when it this csx temperature derailed, temperatures soared over 1500 degrees and paralyzed east coast real traffic for one week. the mayor met with first responders and csx representatives about that fateful day and to participate in a crisis in. tabletop exercise. fortunately, note lives were lost and they were able to smother the blaze and contain the toxic substances. since then, preparedness officials have used this fire in preparing a. in the immediate aftermath,
9:58 am
fingerpointing was at a fevered pitch. now, colmar heads have prevailed. csx and city officials have established a partnership using lessons learned. the city gets advanced notice when hazardous shipments are coming in through town and there are a lot more communications for the safety of us all.
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